Hey Darlingssss,
So I know I'm not the only that has a whole bunch of unworn clothes! This year I vow to wear them as much as I can, even if they don't fit like they used too. But I'll make it work!

I honestly didn't know what to write about in this post. But I think it allows me to express how sometimes creating content is more than just taking pictures. Lol I guess I know what todays' post is going to be about..... BEING AND STAYING MOTIVATED.

For me it takes a lot for be to actually stay motivated and focus, because I doubt myself so much that I end up giving up before reaching my full potential. One thing I can honestly say that has been keeping me going is constantly reminding myself that my current situation isn't where God wants me to be. So if that means I have to shake things up and get uncomfortable, then I have no choice.

H&M Coat Alternative | H&M Dress Turn Top Alternative
AMERICAN EAGLE Jeans Here | SHOE DAZZLE Booties Alternative 

xoxo, Alex